Kathy Wakile

Kathy was happy to try and move forward with Teresa.

on Jun 25, 2012

Our lunch together went well. I was cautiously optimistic and did not want to rock the boat, so I did not ask her about the tabloids. As we all have witnessed in the past, Teresa does not like talking about certain situations, and the last thing I wanted was another big blow-up. It’s always been very confusing for me to read all the negativity that has been written about me and quoted by Teresa. It’s one thing to hear the words being spoken first hand and another to read what someone is saying about you. Only to have it be denied. It’s pretty simple, if you disagree with what a particular tabloid is writing, then why continue to do interviews or “photo shoots” with them? Maybe I’m just being naive, but wouldn’t that make sense? The problem for me is that I need the people close to me to be honest with me. I’m easy. I cope much easier with the truth. Show me your genuine feelings, good or bad, and I will deal with it. I don’t like to hold a grudge, however, I do get hurt, mostly from disappointment. I thought it would just be best not to pepper the situation in any way and keep it positive. I thought that if things still bothered me in the future, perhaps Teresa and I could talk about it when our relationship was stronger and she wouldn’t feel like I was attacking her. It felt like Teresa was ready to get back to a happier place and so was I. It was a good feeling.