Kathy Wakile

Kathy explains why she regretted her outburst.

on Oct 9, 2012

For the record, Teresa, going forward let’s keep our parents out of this.

Now on a lighter note. I got so many tweets from so many people about my appearance. Thank you all so much for noticing! I take it as a compliment. Can’t even try to pull a fast one on our observant viewers these days (not that I even tried). Being upfront always works for me anyway. As I mentioned, the only permanent thing that I did was have the bump removed from my nose.

I got so many tweets this week after I tweeted a picture while we were having dinner with our friends Lea Black and James Davis aka Elaine Lancaster from The Real Housewives of Miami this week. No, no, I didn’t get new bubbies! Haha! That’s all me and maybe a new bra!

Talking about looks, I find it fascinating to look back and see how appearances have changed since the beginning of the show. I especially like to note the fashions, hairstyles, and hairlines that have evolved since Season 1. Now there’s a basis for comparison! Next time Bravo runs a marathon, check it out for yourselves.

As we wind down for the final segment of the reunion, I have so many feelings both positive and negative. It has been a roller coaster ride from beginning to end, so please stayed tuned, because you need to know that it isn’t over yet!