Kathy Wakile

Kathy Wakile loved the rush you get while surfing.

on Aug 13, 2012

Hi friends. Summer has really been flying by so fast, and I hope that everyone has been enjoying it. We’re wrapping up our time at the Jersey shore this week, so I’m going to make this brief. I don’t want to spend any more time than I have to at my computer and miss the best time of year here!

Talking about the shore, did you all catch the view of Half Moon Bay in California? How silly did we all look getting ready to surf? We were clearly out of our element, and wet suits are not my thing, but thankfully we had them. We all got tossed around by the waves, but I was determined to do my best. I can’t believe the rush you get when you get up and ride the wave. It was exhilarating and very gratifying. Lesson learned: It’s never too late to try something new; try it and surprise yourself.