Kathy Wakile

Kathy compares this episode to some of her favorite films.

on May 6, 2012

And last but not least, something I will briefly touch upon, the summer solstice party. It could have been A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but as the evening progressed, it looked more like a midsummer nightmare. Although it was a beautiful night, I don’t think that we had nearly enough fairy dust for what transpired that evening. I would have liked to blame it on the full moon but as you all saw, but it was definitely much more than that!

The one thing I am certain of, I came away from this episode feeling like I so wanted to be a kid again, when all of life’s disagreements could be solved by a good ole’ hug it out. Props to Rosie who encouraged that for Antonia and Milania. I remember that always worked for us too. Not to mention, I’m glad it still does. Right, Ro?