Kathy Wakile

Kathy Wakile talks about her RV experience and the end of Cookie Gate.

on Aug 1, 2012

In celebration of putting this silliness of Cookie Gate to rest, I went through some of my mom’s recipes and I’m happy to send this one out to everyone. After all, family recipes are for everyone to share and enjoy. Below is a picture of my mom’s sprinkle cookie recipe.

I just love the way she spells all the ingredients. Like a true Italian, she spells the way the words are spoken. She’s so cute. Since my mom always cooked for her large family of seven and for everyone else that would pop in, this recipe makes a very large batch. You can easily cut the recipe in half if you like. I hope you enjoy it. If anyone needs a translation, the recipe will be up on my website www.KathyWakile.com and my public Facebook page very soon. Please tweet me your feedback and photos of your own beautiful cookie creations so we can all swap.