Kathy Wakile

Kathy talks about her adventures with Rosie and reacts to Teresa's comments.

on Jul 1, 2012

When I heard the comments she made trying to pick away at the incredibly supportive and loving bond that my sister Rosie and I share, I can only wonder why she would do that. Especially in light of the fact that we are all trying to help her and her brother reconcile and get their relationship back on track. I can’t tell you how hurtful it was to hear her say those things, especially after we had such a promising lunch. Last week Teresa wanted to move forward, but she is making that incredibly difficult. Why would she deliberately try to start trouble between my sister and me? It's a shame that Teresa would do this while trying to move forward with everyone.

What’s really bizarre to me is that Teresa is trying to convince everyone that she and Rosie were so close growing up, but as you all have witnessed in previous episodes and at the Season 3 reunion, Teresa constantly says that I was the only cousin she had. Which one is it? You were extremely close or you weren’t? You can’t tailor your history and relationships to suit your stories as you need them.

For any of you who have any doubts, yes, Italians do go to therapy when needed. My sister and I worked out issues in therapy many years ago, and we know that it helped us tremendously. It made us even closer than we thought possible. That is part of the reason Rich, Rosie, and I encouraged my cousin Joe to go with his sister. For his part, Joey was committed and wanted to do anything that could repair their relationship.
The discussion about the trip to Napa Valley just points out how some people are able to step up and not make everything about them. The Lauritas and the Manzos are special people, and they know how to put differences aside and be civil. It was clear that they were lukewarm about including the Guidices (and the rest of us for that matter). This was their family trip, and they were so gracious to include us all. They felt that they would not let recent problems get in the way of their good time, and believe me, that’s not such an easy thing to do.