Kathy Wakile

Kathy shares the story of Rosie's emotional coming out.

on Jun 3, 2012

When Rosie started to pop up on camera, Rich and I knew it was time to talk to Victoria and Joseph. We didn’t want them to hear things from anyone else and then wonder why we never told them. The truth is, they never asked. Looking back I’m so glad that we waited, because at this point in Rosie’s life gay really does mean happy! It took a long time for Rosie to accept herself and yet with self-acceptance came peace, happiness, and love.

Our little family dinner at Hasbrouck Heights Pizza was the perfect spot to get together and enjoy some of our friend Celestino’s Italian specialties. The heartfelt conversation that Rosie had with Victoria and Joseph was an important one for everyone to see. I admire Rosie so much for being incredibly brave in sharing the story of how she struggled to accept herself. Having those conversations with teenagers really helps them to understand what it truly means to be born homosexual. The message that Rosie wants to send to young adults is don’t be afraid, it does get better. Leave it to my Joseph to turn the conversation around from tears to laughter.