Kathy Wakile

Kathy shares the story of Rosie's emotional coming out.

on Jun 3, 2012

You got a chance to meet some of our friends at the shore house party! Holy hot tub, Batman! Richie had planned the whole party, and thanks to our friend Carl at 709 Point Beach restaurant, it was great to feel like a guest at my own party. Too bad Richie couldn’t do anything about the weather. We had a crazy summer storm that night, but it didn’t stop us one bit.

Heather and Cliff Robinson were a big hit (or should I say splash)! I first met Heather when Victoria was working on charity fundraising for her high school club. Cliff is a retired NBA star. Heather has worked with various non-profit organizations for years planning and partnering athletes and celebrities to different charities. Together Cliff and Heather have founded The Robinson Network, a non-profit foundation designed to assist other charitable causes. You can find out more about their foundation at www.robinsonnetwork.org. Heather was so helpful in guiding Victoria in the right direction to proceed in her future charitable endeavors.

What a pleasant added bonus it was for me to go from meeting Heather to growing and forming a wonderful friendship with her and Cliff. Heather’s kind heart and loving spirit immediately makes you feel like you’ve been friends for years. I was thrilled when they came to visit us at the shore and fit right in with my friends and family! We all had a fantastically silly time that night. It’s always fun to let your hair down and be a little crazy with the people you love. As you all saw Rosie loves to joke around and Heather and Cliff were such great sports that they all hit it off right away.