Kathy Wakile

Kathy discusses the truths learned from this week's episode.

on Aug 26, 2012

Truth: In retrospect, I do regret trying to reason with Teresa. It was an exercise in futility. I wanted to see a resolution between everyone in the hopes of leaving all the ill feelings behind in California and going back to New Jersey with a clean slate. Sadly I was mistaken.

Truth: Teresa grabbed my face when she noticed that I was looking into my phone to pull up one of the “In Touch” magazine articles in which she accuses me saying things about her that I’ve never said. Once again, a joke to someone’s face gives everyone the opportunity for an exchange and then it’s over. The written word is so much more powerful and certainly more permanent.

Truth: Under NO circumstance is it OK to put your hands on someone during a discussion! Teresa had gone to a very bad place, and if I had not remained in control when she started to get physical, the evening would have gotten very ugly, very quickly. I really felt sorry for her.