Kathy Wakile

Kathy discusses the truths learned from this week's episode.

on Aug 26, 2012

Truth: I never once raised my voice or spoke to Teresa disrespectfully, which to me shows that a person has confidence in the point they are trying to make. Conversely, when Teresa started to lose control, it was a sign that she was increasingly desperate in trying to be convincing. I tried to calm the situation. I went and sat next to her so she would not view it as an attack. I didn’t want her to feel that there were sides and my intention was for unity not division. But herein lies the real truth. Nothing I said or did was working and nothing was going to. She would not consider anything I was trying to tell her. Teresa would have nothing of anyone’s attempt to mediate.

Truth: When Joe and Teresa announced they were leaving that evening, I thought it was a wise decision for Joey and Melissa to be with them. Given Joe Giudice’s condition and Teresa’s emotional state, neither one was in any condition to be traveling by themselves. I went in to check on Teresa before they left to help her gather her things and to try and calm her down before they headed out. It was sad that our conversation ended this way. However after seeing what transpired with the men, I can see there were more truths being told that evening.