Kathy Wakile

Kathy enjoyed watching everyone pursue their dreams this week.

on Jul 9, 2012

Hi, everyone, I hope you had a terrific Fourth of July. We were lucky enough to see the Macy’s Firework Spectacular from the Hudson River. It was fantastic.

There are those special summer moments that trigger some of my favorite childhood memories. A special time when things were so simple -- all you needed was an ice cream cone and someone special to catch lightning bugs and play red light green light with.

Birthday parties also bring me back to those days. Seeing Antonia’s excitement when everyone started to arrive was a thrill. Um hello, birthday parties sure have changed since I was a kid.

Which brings me to Teresa and Joey. Even though they were both on the same page that therapy wasn’t really for them, I’m so happy that they did actually get something out of their session. They both agreed that they needed to start making new, happy memories. Bring on the cotton candy, popcorn, and cake. Yay! Oh and let’s not forget the gigantic caterpillar. All great things to distract you from any awkward moments.

I know Jacqueline felt a little strange coming to the party and seeing Teresa again, and I really felt for her and know how she felt. I’m glad Jacqueline came even though she was hurting inside. She was really trying to be cordial, how else will we all survive our Napa trip?