Kathy Wakile

Kathy thinks sexting is no joke (despite what Rich thinks).

on Apr 29, 2012

It’s great to see Caroline and Lauren working together to deal with an issue that so many young women are confronted with. Let’s face it, when you are young and have weight issues, it affects your whole life. I applaud Lauren and her mom for being so upfront and honest. They are wonderful role models! By the way, Lauren, I’m so excited for you, spring has definitely sprung! You look fantastic and lots of luck at your new beauty bar, CafFace! Cheers to the new you and new beginnings!

I hoped you loved Joseph and Rich’s father and son outing as much as I did. I was so proud of both of them and so gratified to have our viewers see their wonderful relationship. Rich draws on the work ethic instilled in him by his father. He is showing and teaching our son that there is more to opening a business than hanging out a sign. You have to have a plan and actually work there and work hard to succeed. As children of immigrant parents, both Rich and I are very conscious of bringing the values that are important to us to our children. It’s great to see that Rich is able to keep his sense of humor as well. Clearly our Joseph has inherited that quick wit.

Jacqueline and Chris are good friends and great hosts. They invited us all over in a continuing effort to mend fences in our relationships. Their “poker night” was a great idea. We were able to share stories, meatball recipes, and have some good wine and food. It’s unfortunate that when Teresa and Joe arrived she inferred that we had been talking “about” her. Don’t mistake talking about her for our discussion, which was about how to handle seeing her after her recent comments. There’s a very big difference. As you all saw, we were talking through some concerns that we all had, and we all just wanted the evening to go smoothly. There was a very uncomfortable silence in the room that “speaks volumes” as they say. It was a minute for the viewers, but seemed like an eternity for us.