Kathy Wakile

Kathy thinks sexting is no joke (despite what Rich thinks).

on Apr 29, 2012

Thank goodness Rich never loses his off-beat, quirky sense of humor, even after Joe Giudice starts to provoke him at the poker game. Rich tried very hard to diffuse the tense situation with his humor, but Joe would have none of it. Their tussle really started off in good fun, but unfortunately left Joe with some bruises. In the next few days Rich repeatedly tried to contact Joe to apologize about how their clowning got a little out of hand, but with no response. It is so sad to watch as you did how callously Joe dismissed Rich’s well-intentioned calls and texts. Joe said he deleted them. Why am I not surprised? I’m glad I saved them. I’ve always liked Joe Giudice, and Teresa can be the first one to tell you so. I have to say it’s very upsetting to see him this way.

Our kids are growing up so fast! How about those Giudice girls? We can always count on them to provide beauty and comic relief all in one scene. It’s so sweet to see Gia taking care of her little sisters. Where does the time go?