Kathy Wakile

Kathy comments on the Cookiegate 2012 scandal.

on Jul 24, 2012

This summer everyone and everything seems to be growing in the Garden State.

Congratulations to all of our ladies for branching out and taking on the next set of challenges as we all move into the next chapter of our lives.

My most important concern is and always has been my husband and my kids, which makes me no different from most housewives. Rich and I have always made sure to express to our children the importance of setting goals. We believe the best way to accomplish this is to lead by example. Through honest hard work they can achieve whatever they put their minds to, even if it means starting out very small and working your way up.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Gelotti’s and have a sampling of some of my new gelato creations. I didn’t need any fanfare or glitzy over-the-top signs or billboards to draw anyone’s attention. The desserts spoke for themselves. My feeling is that you give people your passion and your heart and wait for their response. This was a sampling of the type of desserts I like to make. They are small individual-sized portions with the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients. In this way you can indulge in a decadent treat without sacrificing flavor and still be able to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I’ve always felt that depriving yourself while dieting is a set up for failure. That’s why instead of cutting down fat or sugar content in a dessert, I believe that it’s the portion size that needs to be cut. You can be just as satiated with a burst of decadence in just two or three spoonfuls. I had made over 700 desserts for the sampling, and I was overjoyed that every dessert was gone by the end of the night. I did, however, manage to save some for the next day.

Check out this video from Bravotv.com I am proud to say that I had some very experienced critics sampling too.