Kathy Wakile

Kathy sympathizes with Teresa's struggles with Gia.

on May 20, 2012

Speaking of the need for support or lack of… It’s so funny to me that our conversations always end up about breasts or should I say “bubbies.”

It seems that Gia has her own personal tug of war starting. What a tough age, those tween years have to be the absolute worst for both a young girl and her mommy. She has one foot on being a little girl and the other on being a young lady. So many emotions and so much going on in her little body. Good luck, Teresa. It’s a hell of a roller coaster ride, and you have to do it four times! I don’t envy you, but I have to say you have the right approach. I loved the way you were laughing it off, and it was so cute to see how shy Gia got talking about it in front of her dad.