Melissa Gorga

Melissa dishes on her new song, the beach house bash, and all the tabloid talk.

on Jun 12, 2012

Hi, everyone! Wow, was that the wedding of the century or what? When this was shot I had only met Jaime one time before, so I was not invited to the wedding, but that was one event no one would want to miss. It was simply beautiful, and they didn’t overlook a single detail.
I thought Caroline’s speech was perfect, and you could see she was nervous and wanted it to be perfect for her brother. I don’t know about you, but I love to see the vulnerable side of Caroline.  She’s a strong woman, so we don’t see it much, but I do like when she shows us her softer side. The love Jaime and Rich have for one another is unbelievable and to see them tear up the way they did during their vows was so touching. I’m proud that Bravo shared their story and Rosie's story with all of you. See, it's not all drama all the time!

Well there is always some drama sprinkled in, and this episode it was of course over another tabloid.  Remember, when these episodes were shot last summer, I was trying to move on from the horrible place Teresa and I had been in a couple years back. I see the In Touch magazine covers Teresa does, and yes, I don’t like that they mention me in a negative way, but I think the viewers are smart enough to realize that you can’t believe everything you read. I guess in her mind, there is a difference between what she is willing to share with the tabloids for money and what she will share with her friends and family. Please take note, if there are constantly stories in the tabloids, the show is going to address it. If you don't want these issues to be brought up on the show, then don't address them in the tabloids.