Melissa Gorga

Melissa thinks everything is fine with Teresa.

on Jun 18, 2012

When Kathy comes over to show me the magazine, I can see she is upset and hurt about it, and I understand that everyone is concerned. But I have to be honest here, if it looks like I’m not interested in talking about it, it’s because I’m not. At this point, I think that everyone has reached out to Teresa and asked her how she is doing. She always insists she’s fine, so until she comes to us and says she is upset or scared about the bankruptcy or Joe’s possible “going away,” I am going to react to what Teresa says to me and not what I read in a magazine. On the outside, it seems that things are good -- a new carport, new closets, a new garage/apartment, and new furniture in the house -- no signs of anything being wrong. Even during her fight with Jacqueline, Teresa says everything is fine and she laughs. I don’t want to seem like I’m disregarding why Jacqueline is upset, I do understand that Jacqueline is looking for a true, open, and honest friendship. But until she decides she wants to talk, I have to respond to what she says, and she says everything is fine.