Melissa Gorga

Melissa was happy to see Joe really try to work through his issues with Teresa.

on Jul 2, 2012

Hi, Lovers! Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful summer. The weather has been great and I’m so excited for the 4th of July this week. I like it being in middle of the week, because it’s an excuse to take the whole rest of the week to just relax in the sun! I already warned Joe, no working on Thursday and Friday. We will see if he keeps his promise!

I love to watch Jacqueline with her father. He seems so calm and sweet. They are a lot alike actually. Jacqueline is a really good listener, and he seems the same. By now you have all known Jacqueline for quite some time, and I think it’s obvious what a wonderful person she is. She cares and worries about everyone else’s feelings. She wants the best for everyone. I’ve grown to see how amazing she is and what a solid friend she truly is. I feel bad that she is drawn into our family issues. She has her own issues to worry about with Ashlee, and she has two little boys and husband to think about. It must be extremely frustrating for her to have to deal with all the extra drama. I feel for you, Jacqueline.

Let’s talk about Zia Maria. Kathy’s mother is amazing. She has truly been through so much in her life, and she never complains about anything. She is one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted women I know. She had an unfortunate experience as a child, and I could never imagine how it must have felt for her as a little girl. I love the way she never held a grudge against her siblings. I know she always calls my father-in-law to go to the market and to spend time together. She is a woman that never cared about having material things and just wanted to take care of her children. God bless her. I love her so much.