Melissa Gorga

Melissa thought that Gia's reaction wasn't out of the ordinary for a 10-year-old.

on May 21, 2012

Hi my Bravo friends! Was that a field day or what?! Jacqueline did not cut any corners. She had everything there! It stinks that you didn’t get to see the entire day. We really did have a blast. We were out there for like eight hours. It was nice to just go and have a good time. Joe and I just wanted to put everything behind us at this point and move on.

Did you hear me ask Joe outside Jacqueline’s house if my shorts were too short? He could have said yes! Geez! I keep thinking of the Nair commercial. Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts! Ha. Yes, they were too short!

I thought Joe’s talk with Gia was so sweet. I love how he explained himself to her, because he loves her so much he wants her to hear it from him. Joe is amazing with children, and for some reason all the little girls love him. Yes, it bothers me a little the way she was saying her mom gets upset and her mom tries. I wish she didn’t know as much as she does about the whole situation, but I think Joe knows she is only getting to see one side and hear one side in her house, so he wanted to take the chance to tell her how much he loves her and her mother and that he is going to try and change it.