Melissa Gorga

Melissa reacts to Teresa's comments that she would leave Joe for a richer man.

on Apr 23, 2012

I don’t want to speak for my husband as he addresses his issues directly with Teresa. I think part of the reason he wanted to talk to Teresa that day at the beach was because of what she said about me and because he was really bothered by the article she put out saying he wouldn’t be there for her. I know for a fact that he has been there for her many times over. Once again it’s almost like she is planting a seed for everyone to believe. Joe has called Teresa many times when other things were going on in her life, and she has brushed him off every time saying everything is fine, why are you asking me this? It’s almost like she was mad at him for prying into her business. She felt he was throwing it in her face when he would ask what he could do, so Joe was always confused when he read something in the magazines or he heard that something happened. I felt bad for him because he was always damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. There was no way to win. This particular time they are talking about, I texted her and said, “Is everything OK? Do you need anything?” Also not wanting her to think I was prying, but letting her know I was reaching out. I figured she would be more comfortable if I texted instead of called. She responded saying everything was fine and I said, “Oh good. That’s great, let me know if you need anything,” and she said thanks. Done, we left it at that.

Why go to the magazine and allow them to slam her brother? Again I can’t stop thinking about the family picture and dinner that night, when I thought we were done with this. When Joe reminds her of the time she did call him and he was there four hours later with exactly what she needed, it almost looks like she gets steamed that he was able to say he did that. She wants everyone to know the wrong he did without telling anyone all the good he has done for her and her children, and trust me when I say that was not the only time. He saw her get upset, so he didn’t say the rest. It’s like she doesn’t want anyone to know we do support her.