Melissa Gorga

Melissa reacts to Teresa's comments that she would leave Joe for a richer man.

on Apr 23, 2012

When Joe confronted Teresa on what she said about me, she once again had no excuse and said, “I heard rumors.” We hear rumors all the time, but don’t go to Teresa or her husband and ask if they are true. It’s ridiculous that Teresa is upset that Joe said something to me. I am his wife and in no way is it right to say something like that to your brother about his wife and expect him to just live with it. If it’s just rumors, why put that in your brother’s head? Also, what I’m really wondering is if she’s suddenly going to come up with some kind of rumor to get herself out of this so that she has an excuse. When we were filming then, I hadn’t had performances or appearances yet and every appearance or performance I have done since Joe has attended. He’s my husband and my best friend. We enjoy each other’s company, is that a crime? Can’t wait to hear more about these rumors… I wonder how RICH this new man will be?

OK, enough with that. As the season goes on, you see how we did let it go and decided to move forward and keep trying to just enjoy being together and have his sister and her family in our life. Definitely baby steps, but we do make progress.

I have to say, this season is going to be fun. There are ups and downs, but the good part is just summer in Jersey, baby!

I love the Jersey Shore, who needs the Hamptons? You will get to see our shore house finished during the season; I promise we didn’t make the kids swim in a green pool! Joe and I bought that house the first year we got married. I was pregnant with Antonia and most of my family is down there, so we thought it would be great to have a spot to go to for the weekends. We bought a small house that is in the best location. It’s right on the bay, ten minutes from my mom and sisters and ten minutes from the boardwalk and beaches. Since Joe builds houses for a living, we decided to fix it up a little each year when we had some extra money. It only had two bedrooms, and with Gino and Joey now we are five people. It was getting tight for Joe! Although, because of the size of our house up north, I really enjoyed it and liked being on top of each other. It’s so cozy down there. I’m happy to say you will get to see all of Joe’s hard work as the season goes on. The house is finished now and it’s beautiful!