Melissa Gorga

Melissa dishes on her photo shoot.

on Jul 24, 2012

Congrats to Teresa on such a successful book signing. The books are doing great, and I am happy for her. As far as the recipe goes, whether it's Kathy's mom’s or Teresa's mom’s just seems silly to me. They are one family; their parents are brother and sister. They are the whole family's recipe. Most families pass recipes down, most come from a grandmother, and they both have the same grandmother. So come on ladies, let's just say it’s a family recipe! Done!

I'm proud of Kathy for following her dream of sharing her desserts with everyone. She threw a great tasting, and I love how Victoria and Joey help her. They are such great teenagers! I love seeing how everything she does is a family project.

As far as the men go, boys will be boys... If Joe Giudice got is just mad Joe didn't return tools, and he continues to speak the way he does about his wife's brother, that's sad. He has continually bashed me as well, and in the long run he's only making a fool of himself.