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Say Cheese

Melissa dishes on her photo shoot.

Hi lovers!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. I was in Miami for the weekend with Joe. We had such a great time at Mercedes Benz Swim Week there. I was honored to be asked to go to a couple shows, and the swimwear coming out in 2013 is fierce! It was so great to be able to spend a little time with just Joe. Every couple needs that once in a while!

I'm so glad you got to see the photo shoot for my single cover. They can be so stressful, but I love being a girl and changing outfits and makeup! Antonia loves them too. I always keep her with me when I do them and always let her put on whatever dressy outfit she wants. I have the photographer take pictures of her as well. She loves it! I wish you could have seen the little poses she does! She's truly my little princess, and I don't ever want her to look at me taking pictures and wishing she was the one taking them, so I always include her. She thinks it's her photo shoot half the time! How funny is my makeup artist, George? He cracks me up. He's always telling me how to pose and how to move, and yes, he does incredible makeup! It's flawless every time. You should check out his website. I also want to thank Alisa Maria who styled me for this shoot and Moises De Pena the photographer. It was a great shoot!

Congrats to Teresa on such a successful book signing. The books are doing great, and I am happy for her. As far as the recipe goes, whether it's Kathy's mom’s or Teresa's mom’s just seems silly to me. They are one family; their parents are brother and sister. They are the whole family's recipe. Most families pass recipes down, most come from a grandmother, and they both have the same grandmother. So come on ladies, let's just say it’s a family recipe! Done!

I'm proud of Kathy for following her dream of sharing her desserts with everyone. She threw a great tasting, and I love how Victoria and Joey help her. They are such great teenagers! I love seeing how everything she does is a family project.

As far as the men go, boys will be boys... If Joe Giudice got is just mad Joe didn't return tools, and he continues to speak the way he does about his wife's brother, that's sad. He has continually bashed me as well, and in the long run he's only making a fool of himself.
Well, with the nonsense aside, we are all about to go on a beautiful trip together. Brighter days are ahead. Thank you, Jesus!

ROCKSTAR is on iTunes right now! Go and get it! Here’s the link:

For anyone who is going to be in Atlantic City next weekend I’ll be at Harrah’s The Pool After Dark on July, 27th. Make sure you stop by!

I just launched my new website, and I love it! Make sure you check it out!

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Lots of Love,

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Amber: Is Dina Coldhearted?

Amber Marchese dishes on her first reunion and why Dina Manzo confuses her.

Hello Housewife friends!  Welcome to the jungle baby! My first reunion was a wild ride. Call me sick and twisted, but I had an unbelievable time at the reunion when most, I have been warned, dread it. I felt like it was “The Great Purge” and when I went home I was felt relieved of any built up tension. I don’t care if anyone has a grudge against me, my slate is clean and I harbor no ill feelings towards anyone. I love to argue my point, and I truly stood by all of my convictions this season, so I was ready to say exactly what was on my mind, and then some. 

I know the twins and I went at one another pretty hard, but that is what the reunion is all about. It is an opportunity to get it all out and potentially understand one another's position better. Then we can each make our own decisions as to where we want to go with our relationships. I am very much the type of person that can say some of the meanest things and sling mud, but hug it out at the end forgetting anything negative that was said. It just rolls off my back. I actually think it is healthier to say what needs to be said, and then move on.

One thing I did question after the reunion was if Dina actually has a heart or if I should start calling her the Tin Man. I actually have not figured her out yet. Is she really just a coldhearted bitch, or has she been hurt so many times that she has become warped and jaded. I feel I don’t owe anyone any reason as to why I call cancer “the cancer,” but I will give it once more anyhow. “The cancer” is “the monster” to me. It is a way for me to take away its power and to minimize it. “It” destroys lives, so “it” does not deserve a name. It is just “the cancer” -- it was “the monster” or “the dragon.” Although Dina claims to have an understanding of how devastating cancer is to a family, her actions and blatant lack of empathy proves otherwise.

In addition, I did not think it was appropriate for me to interject into family quarrels at the reunion; however, this is something that I feel strongly about. I have met Jaqueline and I have spoken to her on many occasions. In the very short time that I have gotten to know Jaqueline, I know and have empathy with the struggles she has caring for Nicholas. I felt that Dina’s interpretation of her nephew was callous and completely out of touch with reality. The only thing that keeps playing in my mind is, "You know nothing John Snow."  No, thank God, he is not hooked up to machines with cancer; however, what the Laurita family goes through is extremely difficult on a day to day basis that will continue on for a lifetime. It is emotionally and financially devastating. Although, Dina "visits" children with cancer, at the end of her visit she gets to go home, leaving it behind and goes on with her daily life. Since Dina does work with children with cancer, I pray that she can abstain from a self-absorbed lifestyle and become a loving, involved aunt. 

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