Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga thinks the boat debacle was one of the scariest experiences of her life.

on Aug 15, 2012

Hi lovers! I can't believe summer is almost over! It goes so fast. I'm having the best summer with Joe and the kids! So many exciting things are going on. I can't wait to share them all with you! I have an official release date for my new single I Just Wanna: September 9th! It's such an incredible dance track I know you will love it. I’m really proud of it. I also shot a video for it! I'm so excited for you to see it. I'm grateful.

How fun was this episode? I loved it! It was such a great time in Napa! I truly loved every second of it. I have no regrets! Sharing the RV went well. I'm really happy we did! I also loved spending so much time with Kathy, the Manzo crew, Jacqueline, and Chris! It was really going well. Oh and I can't forget my favorites. Vito and Greg! Love them!