Melissa Gorga

Melissa thinks she and Teresa finally managed to get along.

on Jul 9, 2012

OMG, how cute is Gia? She was shaking her groove thing! She’s loves to dance. She loves gymnastics, she loves acting, and I hear she’s taking singing lessons now too! Teresa has always wanted her to be in the spotlight, and so here she is! Joe and I always support her and are so proud of her. We love to see her doing her thing!

I love the bickering between Caroline and Lauren, it was so funny. Ladies, going into business together might cause some tension! It’s really great of Caroline to support her daughter and help her make this store possible. By the way, the store is called Cafface, and it’s absolutely beautiful! I’ve been there; it is like a café for your face! They have such beautiful makeup stations and the atmosphere is perfect. Lots of luck, Lauren!

I loved watching Rosie’s first date with “what’s her name.” It was so cute. Rosie was acting like a little school girl being very polite and sweet to her guest, although they probably should have gone somewhere alone together. That girl probably thought Richie was nuts!