Melissa Gorga

Melissa just wants Teresa to respect her marriage.

on May 8, 2012

First, where did these rumors about my marriage with Joe start? That’s the million dollar question. When Teresa was hearing these so-called rumors the show had just started airing and I hadn’t even had a performance yet. What’s interesting is she didn't bring up the fact that it had anything to do with my music until she was continually questioned about her reason for telling Joey these "rumors" in the first place. People weren’t buying her good, supportive sister act.
When Joey confronted her, she tries to put it on him and say that he tells her rumors about Joe, which is not true. My husband did not intentionally tell Teresa about her husband cheating. Those rumors have been around for years and in the same tabloids she gives interviews to and poses with her children. She even brings it up on camera with her husband in the first episode. Joe and I don’t say anything to Teresa about it, nor do we bring it up on camera or in the press. Teresa even explains that she read her husband’s text messages and that her brother Joey was upset that she saw them, because that’s not what he intended. But again, when Teresa gets called out, she spins it perfectly by saying tell your husband not to tell me about my husband cheating. Which is it Teresa, did your brother tell you about Joe cheating or did you read Joe’s text messages? I guess this is her way of justifying "these so called rumors."

Here are some more ways. When she told Jacqueline at her house the night of the boat party and Jacqueline asked why she thinks that, she replied, “She just strikes me as that kind of person.” On the way to the solstice party she tells Kim D that “she hears things from people and wanted to open her brother’s eyes.” She told me that she heard from people saying that it was because I was going to start performing in the nightclubs.