Melissa Gorga

Melissa just wants Teresa to respect her marriage.

on May 8, 2012

I feel like Teresa is constantly looking for any reason she can to say I’m a bad wife. When she realizes no one is buying these "rumors," she brings up a dinner we went to with Kathy, Richie, Teresa, Joe, me, and Joey for my 29th birthday. In last week’s blog she says it was when Joey and I were dating, but this dinner happened when I already had Antonia and Gino. During the dinner we were all teasing our men and joking around at the table. Teresa was teasing her husband about how she will always buy everything she wants, my husband starting teasing me saying you married me for (this) pointing to Tarzan! I said to him in front of everyone, (laughing), “Yeah right, I saw that house baby doll.” We were all playing as friends and family laughing and drinking. Even Kathy said that we were just playing around when Teresa tried to get her to back her up at the reunion. Is that all she’s got on me?
I honestly can’t help but feel that she is projecting the issues in her life onto mine. After watching this episode, I think it’s extremely obvious what my sister-in-law is trying to do. The question is why would she do it? Does she think that if my marriage goes badly hers will get better? Does she think that if she puts the negative attention on me then it will not be on her? I’m not sure, but one thing I do know is that it is sad and it’s a shame. I try to be pretty easy in a lot of my blogs and tip toe around Teresa, but this time she is playing with fire. I am woman who loves my husband more than anything in this world. I will bend over backwards for him and my children. She knows that and I think at times she wishes she had more on me. How about just being happy that your brother is happy? You can throw dirt in my face a couple times and I will take it, but DON’T, mess with my family, DON’T mess with my children’s lives, and DON’T mess with my marriage. That is where I will NEVER back down.
To this day, Teresa is still trying to justify the rumors and still blames this whole situation on her brother Joey for not keeping their conversation private, but she honestly doesn't understand that you don't say something like that to a man about his wife and expect him to just live with it and keep it to himself. A marriage is a partnership and my husband and I tell each other everything, just like Teresa tells her husband everything. How does this blood is thicker than water notion apply to a husband and wife? We have three beautiful children together and are a family. It's called respect, and I'm not sure Teresa ever will understand that she doesn't have to like me, but she has to respect my marriage to her brother and keep her "rumors" to herself.