Melissa Gorga

Melissa just wants Teresa to respect her marriage.

on May 8, 2012

For the record, Joey comes to all of my appearances, not because he's insecure like his sister says, it's because we enjoy spending time together and having fun together. Again, that's what a partnership is. Teresa knows this, but still wants to insinuate to her brother and her friends that I would leave him for a richer man. Even after the paid tabloid apology for not supporting my music career, which I had to go to Shoprite to read, she is still trying to rationalize what she said in her blogs. Teresa obviously hasn’t learned her lesson because in last week’s blog she continues to talk about the rumors she hears about my marriage. Nothing has changed with her, she is just better at getting others to do and say what she can’t so she looks innocent. That might answer your question as to why we still aren’t speaking. She won’t let up and I don’t know how she can look at herself in the mirror at this point. This is her baby brother’s marriage. All I can do is pray for her, and when she is ready to let up, I will talk to her about it then without an audience.
In the meantime, we’ll keep sending our nieces presents, because we love them, and they can continue to throw them out.
And for those of you asking about how our relationship with Joe’s parents is going, let me give you the real answer instead what the ridiculous “sources” are saying on the blogs. Our relationship is great! We see them at least once a week for dinner at our house. I cook with my father-in-law, and Gino helps since he wants to be a cook now. Joe and his dad play cards for hours while my mother-in-law and I play with the kids. We don’t discuss Teresa or the show, we just choose to enjoy each other’s company, let the kids enjoy spending time with their grandparents, and have a nice meal together. And that’s that truth.
On a lighter note, watching Rosie babysit the cousins was the best! I swear I could watch the Jersey kids all day. They are definitely a handful, but they are so worth it! When I see Milania and Antonia together I just melt. They pay no attention to the cameras and have no idea they are even there. I was dying when I heard them talking about poop! You can’t help but love them. Rosie definitely looked like she needed a scotch and cig after a few hours with them!