Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga thinks Teresa was involved in Kim D's plot.

on Sep 19, 2012

I was upset because Kim D. had been talking about a lawsuit my husband was in, trying to make him look bad. You can see how frustrating it would be for me that this woman I supported would try and make him look bad. But I got over it, and we had moved on.  Honestly there was a part of me who said, Kim likes me, she’s always nice (to my face), maybe she just wants to call a truce. I'm a sucker for an apology, always was. Even Joe could be 100% wrong in an argument we might have, and I think to myself I'm not going to talk to him for two days, I'll teach him! LOL! The second he walks up to me and gives me a kiss, I start laughing. I don't' know why I'm like that. Ugh, it's to a fault!
OK, so let’s talk about a few things that are odd in this episode.
First, I find it hard to believe that Teresa just so happened to go to a random hair salon to get her hair and makeup done before going to the Posche Fashion Show. We all see her get her hair done at home each week, and trust me, she does not like to try out new people when she knows she will be filmed and photographed.

Second, the salon has a creepy PR manager that greets them and hands out champagne to their "housewife customers" and just so happened to work as a manager at a gentleman's club. Interesting career move. I wonder how one goes from gentleman's club manager to a public relations professional? I guess he wasn’t that good at his job, because the salon is now closed.

Back to the episode. Wow, this is getting better and better. So now the creepy PR manger decides to tell Teresa I used to dance for him. Oh, and that my customers miss me so much. Really? Tell them to go buy On Display or I Just Wanna on iTunes if they want a piece of me. Muah!