Melissa Gorga

Melissa was shocked by some of Joe and Teresa's comments this week.

on May 14, 2012

The end of this episode is what is truly sad. Joe walks away cursing and frustrated and Teresa drives away using a word that no women should EVER use. WOW! I really just wish it would stop for the sake of all of us.

I promise that the season does take a more positive turn. It’s so hard watching these episodes and seeing what was said when you weren’t around. I’m not saying I am completely innocent, and there are times that I make digs. Sometimes it seems like it’s impossible to just meet in the middle.

In other news! Our house is up for sale! I want to clear some things up about it, and it’s totally understandable that a lot of you have questions. Just like Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards sold their houses and moved to other ones, that is all we are doing. Joe is a builder, and we have done this before. Yes, we will build another house from scratch very similar to this one. This is how we actually made a lot of the investments in the buildings we own today. Thankfully Joe and I are better than ever and own more properties than ever. We have gotten lucky to make good investments. I always tell Joe he should write a book and tell everyone how we did it. I think it would be such great advice for everyone to know.

With that said, please don’t believe any of the rumors that we have a balloon payment due, that our interest rate exploded, or that we can’t pay our bills. Our mortgage history is all available in public records, so I would never say that if it wasn’t true. We have a 30-year fixed mortgage with an interest rate of 5% and have never once missed a mortgage payment in the whole eight years we’ve been married. It would make no sense that now we couldn’t afford this house. We own four buildings and have many other investments that would allow us to stay in this house forever if we wanted to. Montville is such a beautiful town. I absolutely love it and the school systems are incredible, but we just truly want to move back to Franklin Lakes. That’s where we lived when we first got married. It’s closer to where Joe works and sometimes you just have to make changes that are good for your family. The kids are getting older, so we want to be settled in now where we are going to be for the long run.