Melissa Gorga

Melissa dishes on her big performance.

on Jul 19, 2012

I love that Patti Labelle loved the BLK water! I’m so happy for the Manzo/Laurita crew and their success with it! I thought it was hysterical to see Albert taking a back seat to his boys. Although I have tried the Brownstone sauce, and it’s great!

I’m excited that Kathy is finally following her dream of desserts. She used to come to my kids’ birthday parties with decorative cakes for them all the time. It’s her thing, there is no denying that! Everyone seems to be moving forward with their dreams. I’m proud of every single one of them. The drama aside, all five of us ladies are great parents, great family people, and very driven. I applaud all of us for having the courage to show the world how our families work. I think we are all pretty amazing!