Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains why she can't discuss certain parts of her life.

on May 7, 2012

But hearing it, I would think they would be the perfect people to help sister-in-laws get through issues since they had some serious ones of their own that they worked through. I mean if you can punch your sister-in-law in the face and still be friends, you must have a secret or two for reconciliation, right? (In comparison, I don't think Melissa and I are all that bad...) How does it help us for Caroline to tell Melissa -- who she's only known for a few months at this point -- that I'm trying to break up her marriage? Which isn't true at all and is just Caroline's opinion.

Of all people, I don't understand why Caroline's so quick to judge because she's been through this. She has years of issues with many of her own siblings, and if you saw the Season 3 reunion, you know how sensitive she is to anyone even hinting about it. So then why is there a double standard with mine? We filmed the Season 3 reunion AFTER we filmed Season 4. So she cries at the reunion at the mention of her sibling problems, but for months she's been getting in the middle of mine and trying to make them worse? It makes me sad.

Caroline calling me a bully, that just makes me laugh.

It's hard to watch Jacqueline, who I was very close with, and Caroline judge me week after week. I honestly had no idea, because at that time, they acted like friends to my face. Caroline was colder than usual, but I did think that was the menopause! In my interviews, I don't bring up their issues, and I don't give my opinion on how badly I think they handle things, what I think must be in their heart, what type of person they are... It's not for me to judge.