Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains the story behind the tabloid cover.

on Jun 12, 2012

So let's talk about the In Touch magazine cover that had everyone's panties in a bunch. Before I talk about the one they all conveniently couldn't stop reading though, I want to tell you about my history with magazines and how the whole thing works.

When I joined RHONJ, I didn't know anyone on TV. I had no one to tell me how it worked, I had to learn on my own. The first time I was ever on a magazine cover was for US Weekly in 2009. Our show was taking off in the ratings, and US Weekly contacted Bravo to have me, Dina, and Danielle pose for a story. (PS: No one ever knows which story in the magazine is going to be the cover because if bigger news comes along, it gets priority. I'd hoped to be the cover of People in May last year for that "Teresa Fights Back" story of me with the boxing gloves, but the day before Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child was exposed. Guess what was on the cover.)

The three of us had a fun photo shoot in N.Y.C. -- they glammed us up and put us all in blue dresses. I was already pregnant with Audriana (which wasn't part of the show yet) so I had to stand sideways and they cut my belly off! The whole thing was just like a dream and so fun. Like pretending you're a movie star. When the magazine came out and we were on the cover, it was shocking. First because no Housewife, not even the 'New York' ladies or Bethenny, had ever been on the cover of a national magazine before. It was exciting to see it in the grocery store aisles. It was just so weird to see myself. I thought we all looked really pretty. But it wasn't all wine and roses. Underneath our pretty picture, right on the cover, was a box with my face in it screaming as I flipped the table. Not so pretty. And then there was the cover text: "Real Housewives' Dirty Secrets." What? What dirty secrets? I didn't have any dirty secrets. I was actually embarrassed and was afraid to show the magazine to my mom! That's when I learned just because you get to take a pretty picture for a magazine doesn't mean they are going to write pretty things about you. In fact, you can almost guarantee the opposite.

The second time I was asked to possibly be on the cover of a magazine was with Jacqueline and our new babies for In Touch. Someone (maybe another Housewife from another franchise, I forget because I didn't even have a PR person back then... I knew nothing) told us that you should ask for money to be in the magazine. Great idea, we thought! Why not get paid if you can? They're making money selling your face, why shouldn't you get something? I'll pose for a picture if it means I can put money in my kids' college fund. Deal.