Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains the story behind the tabloid cover.

on Jun 12, 2012

What's crazy is that Caroline acts like it is from me. As if I'm some master magazine publisher who puts these stories out. I don't put them out. They go out with or without me. And Caroline, Jacqueline, Melissa, Kathy and their husbands KNOW THIS. They know this because they've seen it over 25 times. Why no comments about the other covers?

How about the OK! Magazine cover that came out TWO WEEKS before this one and was also on stands while we were filming? Why didn't they all read and comment about that one? I was on the cover (I like the shot, but I didn't know about it, it wasn't a photo shoot) and it said: "Reality TV Shockers: Teresa pursues a new man." Um, what? Yeah, not true, like 90 percent of them. I wasn't asked about the story, wasn't interviewed, and they don't have a single quote from me. Inside the story says "On the Brink of Divorce" and quotes a bunch of "insiders"... AND QUOTES MELISSA. There's Melissa smiling under the headline Melissa "Tells OK! Exclusively Why She Believes She'll Never Bury The Hatchet With Her Sister-in-Law." Wow. So Melissa put that headline out there? Not very loyal to family... And here are a few of Melissa's direct quotes: "Joe (Giudice) doesn't always speak the truth. A lot of the things I hear him say are false." And "I always was nothing but good to Teresa," "Teresa and I both know the reason we're not close," "She was never happy for any of the good things that went on in our lives." This was done right before she filmed everything she said about the In Touch article at her pool party while wiping away a fake tear. I just can't...

So now you know how it works. I never did. I do get paid for photo shoots sometimes, sometimes I do them and don't get paid, but I like pictures. And here's another thing: if they pay you for the shoot, they shoot a million pictures in tons of different clothes so they can spread them out and use them in several different magazines without having to pay you again. I think I've only ever done 4 or 5 photo shoots that they've used in the over 20 covers (I can't even count how many times I've appeared in the magazines. I don't even read them anymore...) And I do say no A LOT. I'm busy, it's not a lot of money, and I don't need it.

Regardless of the photos, I can't control what's on the cover or when, and I usually hate what they say. Even though I love the picture of my wedding vow renewals with Joe, they wrote right over my wedding dress: "Despite Joe's drunken bullying, Teresa refuses to leave him." Did I put that out there? Of course not.