Teresa Giudice

Teresa is confused by everyone's contradictions.

on Jun 26, 2012

(PS: Jacqueline and Chris know I didn't contact Danielle, I just answered a tweet from her that was read to me on Watch What Happens Live based on Caroline opening the Danielle Pandora Box the week before. The whole twittery history is in my blog from last week.)

Melissa's concerned I keep bringing up the past. Except me learning about Melissa talking to Danielle is not the past for me. It's my present. It might have happened two years ago, but I just found out about it a week earlier. You saw how upset I was when Danielle brought up my nephew at the Season 2 Reunion. Of course we spoke after that, and she never admitted to dealing with Danielle at all. And of course I believed her. Now fast-forward to last summer when Danielle tweets me and Melissa exchanges a few heated tweets with her too. I ask Melissa again about her relationship with Danielle and get an apology attached to a "well I was hormonal and hated you then." Um, what?

I would love to believe that Melissa has changed, has seen how contacting someone she thought was her own family member's "worst enemy" is really not right (she was mistaken by the way; Danielle was never my enemy, she was Jacqueline's), and wants to move forward. Except she keeps comparing her talking to Danielle with me talking to my own brother. Mine was a private conversation with my brother out of love like we've had many times with each other about each other's spouses through the years. Melissa's intent was to hurt me because she hated me. It's not even apples and oranges. It's more like Nair and Napalm.

But as my Joe says, it is what it is. And how do I handle this new attack? I'm proud to say, unlike how I might have handled it a few years ago, unlike how I handled things with Danielle, I let it go. I smiled, forgave immediately, and moved forward. I really do want to work things out with my brother, and getting along with Melissa is part of that. I would never do -- and never have done -- anything to intentionally hurt her, because I love my family.