Teresa Giudice

Teresa updates us on Gia's dance team.

on Jul 9, 2012

Gia has a video shoot coming up, and lots of big things I can't wait to tell you about. For more information about Gia and her dancing, follow her on Twitter @TrueGia (PS--the account is monitored by her manager, Maria, and me, so don't worry, she never sees anything but happy stuff!). And follow T.R.U.E. on Facebook -- they're always looking for good new dancers!

Since I'm going to be down there for a few days and I love my Florida fans, I scheduled a quick stop at the Orlando Barnes & Noble at Colonial Plaza Market Center on Saturday, July 14 at 1pm. Come see me!

All right, what else was in this episode? Oh yeah, Milania... How funny is she? Did you see my face when she called Joe a "big poop?" The things that kid says every day. I never know what's going to come out of her mouth! I'm kind of glad it's all being recorded on the show, because I'd never remember it all otherwise. Someday I'm sure she'll watch it and be embarrassed... although then again, maybe not.