Teresa Giudice

Teresa loved seeing Gia and Melissa take the stage at Beatstock.

on Jul 17, 2012

Hello Baby Dolls!

I'm still in Florida with Gia. She had a great weekend dancing with her T.R.U.E. dance team at the Monsters of Hip Hop Dance convention, and now we're taking a day off to go to Disney! Great mommy-daughter time!

It was so fun to watch the Beatstock performances this week. I'm so proud of Gia! She worked so hard and she did so well on stage! I had goosebumps the whole time. I just can't believe I have such a beautiful and talented daughter -- four daughters actually! I'm so blessed!

Did you see her dad tearing up watching her? People love to talk about bad things, but I want to point out all the good you saw in Joe this week -- the good I see in my wonderful husband every day, that his kids see every day. He's a great father and a great man, my best friend, and an amazing partner. Did you see him ironing his own shirt? He may be old school Italian, but he is a modern guy when it comes to helping out with his own family -- he jumps right in. He's my rock, and I love him.