Teresa Giudice

Teresa loved seeing Gia and Melissa take the stage at Beatstock.

on Jul 17, 2012

As far as Milania's little comments, no I don't condone them and she got in trouble right afterwards. You never know what's going to come out of a kid's mouth, especially that kid! My kids have the blessing and the curse of being interesting enough that they're shown on the show all the time, which means you get to see all the hilarious things they say and do, and sometimes the naughty things too. But please don't judge them. They're just kids, they're really good kids, and they are raised to respect and love everyone in the family. You can see that by how they always greet their Zia Melissa and Zio Joe.

It was great to see everyone spreading their wings and getting support from their family and friends, from Melissa at Beatstock to the Manzos at the Fancy Food Show. Next week, you get to see how my friends and family support me at my book signing... sigh... I really don't know why people can't just be happy for each other, just show up to support and not throw nasty comments and digs in, especially while the event is going on! You'll see what happens next week, but I was shocked by how Kathy behaved at my book signing. Shocked and very sad, but not surprised unfortunately. It's been pretty obvious from the day she joined the show and decided to be a baker instead of a hairdresser that she was going after a new career, but there's no reason to try and take down your family while you're doing it.