Teresa Giudice

Teresa updates us on what's been going on in her life (and what's to come).

on Oct 15, 2012

There's only so much room to tell the entire story of a group of people's lives in just 45 minutes, so a lot gets left out. Before you hate on me, or hate on any of us in front of the camera or behind it, remember, you're only seeing a small part of the whole thing.
Thousands of tiny things, good and bad, make up all of our lives. There were so many fun and hilarious and even boring things that happened in our lives last year that you didn't see. (Don't miss the Lost Footage episode next week because you'll get to see some of it, including our big Campout Cook Off!)

But if you want to get to know who we really are, try and look at the whole picture. Meet us at appearances, read all of our blogs from day one, see how we interact with people on Twitter, and you'll see who you can relate to, who you wish you lived next door to, and who you can't stand. And just like your friends IRL, sometimes you'll get mad at us when we're having a bad day, but that's OK too, because none of us are perfect.