Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice went to Napa hoping for the best.

on Jul 30, 2012

Hi Sweethearts!

I had the best time last night on WWHL with Andy Cohen and Renee Graziano! If you missed it, you can find it online. Be sure to check out the After Show!

I love, love, love Renee and love her show. She was such a sweetheart. And Andy was on fire! I finally got to tell him about the dream I had after I read his book. Here's a hint: it was hot!

I loved this week's episode too. Finally you get to see my family how we used to be, having fun and hanging out. I'm so glad I ignored the therapist's advice and shared an RV with Melissa and my brother. I'm also glad I didn't know what they were all saying behind my back before we went, because I was able to go in with an open heart and an open mind, and I think you can see how that affected things. They went in expecting the worst, I went in hoping for the best. I think you have to go into situations (even difficult ones) with a good attitude, or you'll never fix it.