Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks about how she got through the tough times and what's happening now.

on Apr 24, 2012

I really don't want to go over old wounds, but when it comes to my cookbook, I do have to set the record straight, because you're only seeing things taken out of context. This is my livelihood, and like any other businesswoman, I have to defend it. (Mr. Trump taught me well!) I didn't know everyone was going to pick out tiny pieces of my cookbook to talk about on the show, but I want you to have the whole story. So here it is, once and for all. (Then we can all move on!)

I worked really hard on them and am very proud of my cookbooks. It means the world to me to be able to share my family's recipes with you and your families. As I explained in both books, my "family" recipes are my mother's and her grandmother's (who raised my mom and I was named after) and Joe's mother's. I'm my mom's only daughter and I've been cooking with her since I could walk. She passed down her recipes to me, and we created new ones together over the years. I'm sure Melissa and Kathy's moms (who are not related to my mom) have great recipes too, and maybe one day we'll all do an extended-family-and-cousins-and-in-laws cookbook together, but for now, my mama and I are enjoying preserving our recipes for my daughters.

As for the jokes in my cookbooks... I've always had them in all of my books. Funny books sell better. Bethenny's humor helped her books sell, the Skinny Bitch authors’ jokes helped their books sell, and I think one of the reasons Skinny Italian was so successful is because I put my personality in it. I joke about myself A LOT and I joked about my life, which includes my friends and family. I joked about Dina's insane love of meat. I joked about how where Caroline grew up in Brooklyn, they pronounced herb as "hoib." I joked about the O.C. Housewives, Atlanta Housewives, Andy Cohen, US Weekly, America's Next Top Model, and a million other things. My cookbooks are not for 5-star chefs. They're for my fans and regular housewives, who I happen to think are pretty hilarious themselves. I wanted my books to read like a fun novel, not a boring cookbook.