Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks about how she got through the tough times and what's happening now.

on Apr 24, 2012

So last spring I was hearing really nasty rumors around town about Melissa. They were shocking to me, because I'd never heard anything like them. But it's a small town and when you are suddenly on TV, people start saying things. I don't want people talking about him or his wife anywhere. I thought he should know and maybe he could stop them. We were not filming, I said it to him in confidence. I would never, ever want to repeat a rumor like that about any of my family members in public. That only hurts my family.

Fast forward to TWO MONTHS LATER when we're filming Season 4 on Memorial Day weekend. Out of the blue, Joey says to me remember when you said that about Melissa? I told her and she's mad at you. You can see the shock on my face. Why would you bring up a personal, private conversation on national TV? The only thing that's going to do is make his family look bad and his wife and me have problems again. I'm really trying, but I just don't understand. I'm so sorry he told Melissa, I'm sure it hurt her like it would hurt my husband if I told him. I guess I'm learning that our relationship might never be as close as it once was. I really love him and I miss him, and we used to talk like that our whole lives.