Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice answers some of your burning questions from the finale.

on Sep 25, 2012

I'm sorry my blogs are so long sometimes (I'm sure this one will be huge!), but I respect all of you enough to take the time to explain things like the magazine covers, like my family's history, like what it actually says in my cookbooks, especially since other people like to just throw bombs -- "She did this and I have the secret texts to prove it!" -- and run away. You have all stuck by us these last four seasons through bankruptcies and sicknesses, family feuds and heart breaks, and I think you all deserve the truth.

So here are answers to the questions I got from you all the most this week:

Why was Joe's brother Pete Giudice at the Fashion Show? (I got this one a lot!) Pete wasn't there randomly alone. He came with his wife, my sister-in-law, Sheila, her sister, and a bunch of other guys. It's a big event for our town every year and it always sells out. And yes, there are always guys at the fashion show -- go back and watch any other year -- remember Greg Bennett begging to sit next to me at the first one? -- but our hubbies usually don't come. I didn't know Pete was going to be there or believe me, I would have dragged Joe along too!

Why did I go to the new salon with Kim D? Because she asked me to go with her. And it was just for make-up, not hair. And it wasn't just some random place. They were a major new sponsor of Kim's fashion show as you could see from their name on the step-and-repeat, Chateau Allure Salon. Kim's fashion show raises thousands of dollars every year for charity, and I support it. So do all the other ‘Wives. I know Melissa now calls it a "trashy party," but that's only since she started supporting a competing local fashion show. And Melissa seemed pretty excited when Kim D. asked her to walk in the show last year... I don't want to forget my old friends just because I got more popular and met new ones.