Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice explains why she feels like Alice.

on Aug 28, 2012

Speaking of that, before I forget, I am sincerely blown away that while even Jacqueline and Caroline managed to find enough respect to avoid talking about my husband's infamous "phone call" last week, and Melissa said because she didn't like anyone talking about her marriage, she wouldn't either, Melissa then ran to AOL and did a big interview about it anyway. I should be surprised, but like anyone who really knows Melissa, I'm not. All year she says that I crossed a line talking about her marriage (in PRIVATE to my own BROTHER) but it's cool for her to make awful assumptions to the public like I knew who Joe was talking to and I'm in denial? For the record, I have no idea who Joe was talking to and neither does he. It was a year ago and it wasn't just one person, it was a whole bunch of phone calls strung together. He can't remember who he was specifically talking to (and there was no "hi baby" like the media reported, was there?), but he thinks it was probably his driver, who's a childhood friend of his. The rest of the article is ridiculous and completely one-sided

The only thing keeping me sane through all of this is you all. Thank you so much for being on this crazy journey with me and seeing what I see! Bravo viewers (even the ones who don't admit they watch) are the smartest and most sophisticated viewers out there! No matter which Housewives you love or love to hate, you all aren't fooled by fake set-ups and bad acting. You all see everything, even things I missed!