Teresa Giudice

Teresa wasn't a big fan of Chris Laurita's husband summit.

on Jul 24, 2012

It's sad he has to defend me from my own family though. I have no idea why they're so bitter and ugly toward us. It was never this way until they got on the show, and now they seem to be hashing out all this teenage angst or something. The fact is we've always supported and helped them and never asked for anything in return. I'm glad you all got to see who gave Joey and Richie their starts in real estate: my Joe did. My Joe has a huge heart and he loves to help people. He does it just because wants to, not because he has to or it makes him look good. I wish everyone else was half the man my Joe is.

You'd think by now I'd be used to everyone on the show talking about me non-stop every single episode, but I'll admit I was shocked by Caroline's comment about my marriage. Not because I don't expect her to say nasty things about me and to constantly judge of me -- that's what she does. To quote Audriana's favorite movie right now, The Little Mermaid: "It's what she lives for." (Caroline does remind me of Ursula, come to think of it...) What shocked me is her hypocrisy.