Teresa Giudice

Teresa comments on the awkward apology scene at Jacqueline's.

on Apr 30, 2012

Hi baby dolls! It was amazing meeting so many of you in Texas this week at the breast cancer charity event. Thank you all for watching me on Celebrity Apprentice again this week -- I'm in the final five! Can you believe it? And as always, thank you for supporting me and my family. I read every one of your comments and Twitter and Facebook posts. I appreciate your prayers and compliments and inspiration!

And thank you for supporting my cookbook Fabulicious! I'm really proud of it, the recipes are delicious, and it's sold out again everywhere! Amazon just got more in stock, so if you can't find a copy, here's the link: http://amzn.to/Jmnw2D

So let's talk about this episode. Again, and I'm going to keep saying this every week, this season was filmed last year. The stress of filming two seasons almost continuously with family and friends along with everything else... it really took a toll on me. Just like Jacqueline is thrilled to be in a new place with Ashlee a year later, I'm so happy to have moved on personally as well. I do miss my friends, and I do wish things were different with my family, but all I can do is give them time.

I'm beginning to think this season might be the Teresa Apology Tour. Hopefully it's coming to an end! I did first apologize to everyone privately, I apologized to them on camera, and I apologized to them publicly. I don't know what more I can do. In last week's blog I went over the cookbook "insults" and the wonderful compliments I gave them all page by page, so you can judge for yourself.