Teresa Giudice

Teresa doesn't have the time to purposefully or publicly hurt anyone.

on Jul 3, 2012

And yet I've never had a "war" with her. I invite her to lunch and say I want to move forward, even though those insults are airing on TV at the same time.

This is the same time the mean stuff Melissa and my brother said about me in Season 3 is playing on TV, and yet I'm still trying to fix things. And they sit around and say I'm only trying to "make things right" with my family since my friends betrayed me?

Um, excuse me, but what wasn't "right" with my family? Oh yeah, my family betrayed me by joining the show behind my back and trashing me on it. I don't want to keep bringing it up, but they keep bringing up our family "problems" and THAT'S our family problem! No one else on any show has ever had to deal with an ambush like that. I think I've done a pretty good job with it. I got over it, forgave them, moved forward. I keep going to their events, I keep inviting them into my lives, and I keep my mouth shut about their personal lives. Have I ever said a word about their finances, lifestyle, pasts, parenting or personality problems? I'm not suddenly interested in my family. I've ALWAYS been all about my family. I'm not perfect and I'm not saying I never had a private argument with anyone, but I've never publicly and intentionally hurt anyone in my family.

OK, back to Kathy and Rosie... It's been weird to see Kathy put out there like she's my only cousin. I obviously have other cousins -- Rosie and her three brothers – just like I have other sister-in-laws, but only Kathy and Melissa joined the show, so I try to respect everyone else's privacy. Once Rosie decided to come on the show more, we could talk.

It was nice to be able to sit with Rosie again and just talk face-to-face. I really looked up her to growing up. And it's true, I was a papergirl because Rosie was! My father didn't want me to, but I was obsessed with being like Rosie. Rosie got to take her bike, but my father had to drive me because he was nervous because I was younger.