Teresa Giudice

Teresa doesn't have the time to purposefully or publicly hurt anyone.

on Jul 3, 2012

I love my brother more than anything, but I really feel like our parents should be off-limits on the show. My parents didn't sign up for this and they don't deserve it. Regardless of what my brother says on television, me, my brother, and my parents know the truth, and let's just leave it at that.

So, back to the tabloids.... Even though they know it's not true (hello, 99 percent of the tabloid stories are bad ones about me!), everyone on the show keeps trying to blame me for the tabloid stories. They keep saying it over and over and over... Why? Because they hope if they say it enough, that will make it true.

Why would they want it to be true? I have no idea. It's sad because I would never hurt any of them like this.

You've all known me for four years. I've never obsessed about anyone on our show, never went out of my way to "find out things" about them, taunt them on Twitter, harass them, have my family harass them. It's just not my style. I've never done the dirty stories, pretended to be a "source," or talked to shady people route. Ever. I'm not giving exclusive quotes to Kim G.'s friend Tom Murro. I'm not letting bloggers video me in my foyer. I honestly don't think I've ever talked to Radar Online in my life. I'm too smart, too spiritual, and too freakin' busy to waste my time on this kind of stuff. I'm taking care of four little girls and working!

Hear me clearly, Jacqueline: I'm not trying to accuse anyone else of putting the stories out there, I'm just saying it's not me. I know people over-analyze my blogs to try and find some way I hurt them, because they don't have any real reason to be mad. I never did anything purposefully or publicly hurtful to anyone. Again, I'm not perfect, I make mistakes, but I never have and never would never try and hurt someone that way.