Teresa Giudice

Teresa is done with Jacqueline and Caroline.

on Jun 18, 2012

Jacqueline knows this all too well. She and Chris revealed on the show that they have their own financial issues. WHICH I DID NOT KNOW. She and Chris know it’s sensitive, that talking about accusations against you could hurt the outcome… and yet they did it anyway. To me and Joe. Behind our back. I was sick and shocked that they would have such an obviously planned and hurtful conversation about Joe’s and my finances knowing it could hurt us. And their “generous” offer to help us at the non-existent auction of our stuff? For one, they know we would never take help from our friends. Joe would work 10 jobs before he ever took money from a friend. For two, it’s an interesting offer coming from someone with his own financial issues. For three, it’s sounds fairly illegal to me, and we’re not into that. And four, if it was really an honorable offer, it would have been done discreetly, not on camera and leaked to the press.

I didn’t know what they were saying and doing before I got there, and if I did, I wouldn’t have gone. When I got there, Jacqueline’s fake crying about the tabloid story of me possibly going to jail was my first indication that I was being set up. If she did really know me as well as she claims, she would know that if there was even a tiny possibility of me going to jail, I would be freaking out, especially to my friends. Who wouldn’t?

I do believe that Jacqueline was upset and slowly breaking down, but it was not because of an obviously fake story that obviously didn’t bother me. So what was it? Maybe it was upsetting her that at the exact same time her ex-husband, John Madison “Matt” Holmes, Ashley’s father, who we saw on this episode, was arrested with his wife for a long list of things. Funny that Jacqueline -- great friend who tells her friends everything -- never said a word about it. She tweeted about Matt being investigated by the FBI, but didn’t say one word to her friends. What? Matt was actually arrested and that doesn’t need a conversation, but me not telling her about one of the million fake stories about me in a tabloid, that’s a huge breach of our friendship?