Teresa Giudice

Teresa is done with Jacqueline and Caroline.

on Jun 18, 2012

But the lunacy! Here’s a great example: last week when Jacqueline was all shocked about my vow renewal story, and then wrote that I stole it from her to “outshine her.” Um, what? Jacqueline wasn’t asked to renew her vows for a magazine: she was going to renew them on her own, because she and Chris never had a real wedding (no comment as to why). She even went wedding dress shopping – you see her trying on veils in the opening credits! And I totally supported her doing it – I thought it would be so cute! Then she backed out and changed her mind. I was actually disappointed, because I thought it was a really exciting thing for her to do, that her kids would love being in the wedding, she didn’t have any wedding photos with a wedding dress on!

During that time, the stories about my own marriage were brutal, and I was asked to address them with a vow renewal in a magazine. I thought it would be a good thing to let my fans know we were OK, and for my girls to see and participate in; to see how much Joe and I still love each other. And when I found out, I told Jacqueline right away. I thought she’d be happy for me since my marriage was being scrutinized, and she’d changed her mind on her own vow renewals. I have no idea how she twists that into I stole her cover. Simply not true.

I also never, ever tweeted Danielle anything regarding Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley. I don’t know what she was talking about there. You all know I don’t go near any of the Holmes family, including crazy grandmas, on Twitter. The only time I’ve ever tweeted Danielle was after I was on WWHL. Here’s the story: Caroline was on WWHL the week before me (so two weeks before this episode) and Andy asked her who was worse: Danielle or Kim G? Caroline surprised the world when she said without hesitation, Kim G. was worse. Everyone was shocked, the blogs went crazy: didn’t Danielle do something super evil to Caroline’s family? How could that be worse than anything her SON’S FRIEND’S MOTHER ever did?